Investing for children

Investing for the next generation

We all wish we had started investing 20 years ago. With froots your children won’t have to.

Investing for children with froots

Froots takes care of everything

As soon as your account is opened, our team of investment professionals takes care of everything. We will build and actively manage your child’s investment portfolio so you can focus on other things.

Tailored to the child’s time horizon

Defining when you plan to give the child their froots account, helps us to invest smartly over time. As long as the target date is far away we accept volatility to increase expected returns. Over time, we phase it out before it becomes a risk.

Full Flexibility

You can always pause, adjust or withdrawal from your savings plan, and closing your account is possible at any time and free of cost. Additionally, other family members can contribute to your child’s account.

Safety of an Austrian bank

Your investments will be kept safe at our partner bank Schellhammer Kapital Bank. In the unlikely case that something would happen to froots or our partnerbank, your investments will always be safe, independent of their value.

Excellent Personal Advice

You and your children are always welcome for personal advice on anything related to financial planning or investing. This can be online, over the phone, or physically in our office in Vienna.

Financial Literacy

By investing for your children, you give them much more than financial freedom. Your children are always welcome to our office for an informative session on investing that suits their age. This gives them a head start in life, independent of monetary value.

Investing with froots could drastically change their lives

Monthly payments
500 EUR
in 30 years
Froot's account after 30 years EUR
Building society saver EUR
Saving account EUR
Luisa, 33

Financial freedom for my son

Luisa's son is in his first year of life. She knows that it's important to start planning early and wants to use the monthly child benefit for this purpose. With froots, she has the opportunity to invest in a diversified manner with small amounts, without having to actively manage it.

Manfred, 72

Financial support for the grandchildren

Manfred wants to impart important financial knowledge to his grandchildren to positively impact their quality of life. Therefore, he started investing for them with froots at an early stage. He already deposited 5,000 EUR per account for each of them at birth. Now, they are at an age where he discusses the development of the different portfolios with them and can confidently transfer these to them when they come of age.

Peter, 41

Education of both daughters

Peter wants his two daughters to have 50,000 EUR each at the beginning of their studies. For this purpose, he has two separate accounts that are managed individually. Both are invested in thousands of international companies to benefit from global economic growth.

Claudia, 46

Financial provision for daughter

Claudia's daughter is now 16 years old. Claudia has already invested a significant sum for her over the past years and wants to hand this over to her daughter in two years. Therefore, froots is adjusting her portfolio to a more conservative approach in the years leading up to the payout, so that unnecessary market risks do not have to be taken anymore by the end date.

The Impact of Starting In Time

Historically, one would have become a multi-millionaire by retirement if they started investing 150 EUR/month from birth. By starting at their first job, this would “only” be around 400.000 EUR. This is due to the magic of compound interest, the eight-world wonder according to Albert Einstein. In the long run, well diversified investment portfolios start growing exponentially, that is why it’s so impactful to start early.

How it works

1. Define your profile in a few minutes

In the first step, we would like to get to know you and your current situation better. This includes the creation of a risk profile through a short online process.

2. Receive a tailored investment proposal

Based on your profile, you get a first glance at what your portfolio would look like. Possible details on savings plans and durations can be adjusted at any time afterwards.

3. We open an account in your name

An investment account will be opened in your name at our Austrian partner bank, Schelhammer Capital Bank. Monthly savings plans can automatically be deducted from your savings account and paused or adjusted by you at any time.

4. froots takes care of everything

We will actively monitor your investment account, with the aim to reach the objectives that you invest for. You are always welcome for questions regarding your investments, but you don’t have to do anything.

What differentiated froots from the rest?

Online broker
Classical bank
Personal Advice and Service
Tax-simple and Austrian Bank Account
Active Management by Experts
Attractively Priced
Physical office in Vienna
Financial Literacy for Children

What our clients say about us

Anna C., 37

Art historian

If I had known investing was this easy, I would have started a long time ago. Thank you froots.

Veronica M., 36

Mother & Sales Manager

The conversation with you was really great. I've created savings plans for both children right away so that they'll have an easier time later than I did.

Peter L., 41


Great that you took the time to give me valuable investment tips. My daughter and I will thank you later!

Claudia S., 46

Marketing manager

I used to invest on my own before. However, due to my family situation, I often lacked the time for it. That's why I now leave it to the experts at froots.

Rudi L., 34

Marketing manager

With you, it's easy to see that you really do it for the people. You're more authentic, more committed and more honest than anyone else.

Odilia N., 32


It's great that you guys offer informational interviews. When you're not sure what you want, it's invaluable.

Regina S., 32

Product manager

I have compared a lot. With froots, the price-performance ratio is simply right.

What other parents wanted to know...

How does investing for children work with froots?

With froots, you can open an account and invest for your children. The money is managed in your name and can be transferred to your child when they come of age. Since you can have multiple goals for free with froots, you can invest separately for each child and even for your own future.

How flexible can I change savings plans and durations?

With froots, you can change your savings plans and durations flexibly. You can adjust the monthly contributions and make additional deposits.

What are the minimum amounts to begin with?

With froots, you can start investing with as little as 150 euros per month or a one-time payment of 1,500 euros. We aim to make professional wealth management accessible to everyone, which is why we've kept the minimum amounts as low as possible.

Where is my money held, and how secure is it there?

Your money is invested by froots in various financial products such as stocks, bonds, and commodities like gold. These are held as separate assets at our Austrian partner banks and always belong 100% to you, regardless of froots' or our partner bank's situation. If froots or our partner bank were to become insolvent, your money is protected.

Can grandparents, uncles, aunts, or godparents also contribute to and view the froots account of my children?

Your froots account is registered under your name and has its own IBAN. Individuals from your circle can also make deposits to this IBAN. However, if these deposits are regular or of substantial amounts, the person making the deposits would need to undergo verification with us due to regulatory reasons.

Johanna Ronay

Customer Excellence

Marlène Pfandl

Customer Exellence

David Mayer-Heinisch

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