We Are Wealth Builders

We want to make a change. Our purpose is to help as many people as possible to build up wealth over the long term. Until now, only the lucky few had access. To change that, we founded froots.

Wealth Management for Everyone

For too long, tailored asset management was only available to a lucky few. As an Austrian company, we are now making professional investing available to everyone. By automating everything that requires efficiency and remaining human where this adds value, we can offer the previously exclusive service of wealth management to everyone, at a fraction of the usual price.

Why we founded froots?

Investing has always been my passion, but in my previous career I only managed one side. I managed billions for large institutions and billionaires around the world.”

“I quickly realized that there was no reason why wealthy and normal clients should not receive a similar service. This gave rise to the idea of creating a wealth management service for everyone. Today, I still invest like I used to, but for clients who value every euro very.”

- David Mayer-Heinisch, Founder and CEO of froots


David Mayer-Heinisch

Founder & CEO

Dirk van Wassenaer

Co-Founder & Marketing

Johanna Ronay

Customer Excellence

Georgij Oroschakoff

Product & IT

Jennifer Kaminska


Benno von Buchwaldt

Managing Director

Armand Feka

Content & Communications

Abude Bayassi

Tech Lead

Victor Gatterer Serrano

Business Development

Advisory board

Reinhold Baudisch

Durchblicker - Founder and former CEO

Andreas Treichl

Erste Group - Former CEO

Kiril Klaturov

Revetas Capital - former COO

Investment committee

David Mayer-Heinisch

Founder & CEO

Goran Vasiljevic

Investment Committee member

Dr. Alexander Schuessler

Investment Committee member

Customer Service

Johanna Ronay

Customer Excellence

Marlène Pfandl

Customer Exellence

David Mayer-Heinisch

Founder & CEO