Wealth Management

We make most out of your wealth

froots offers the tailored investment service of a Wealth Manager, without the high cost.

Best practices of all market segments

All segments in the public investment space have strengths and weaknesses. With the quantitative and systematic approach of a fund manager, the efficiency of a Robo-Advisor and the personalization and service of a Wealth Manager, froots combines the strengths of all segments, and avoids the weaknesses. Additionally, because of our efficiency we can offer the product at an attractive price.

Tailored Wealth Management

Depending on your willingness to accept volatility, your life situation, and your investment objectives we tailor one or more portfolios that suit you. Conceptually, it can be useful to divide your wealth into three buckets. Money that one might need in the short run should avoid volatility, and potentially be kept in cash. Money that one plans to spend in 3-5 years can be invested, but only in liquid assets and with limited volatility. Everything that one does not expect to use in the following five years can be invested with the aim of long-term growth. This means counter-cyclical bets can be made, more volatility can be accepted and less liquid assets with a high expected yield can be applied.

The advantages of wealth management with froots

froots takes care of everything

Once we have a mutual understanding of you situation and objectives, Our experts will construct a portfolio that suits your needs, and actively manage it over time to achieve your investment objectives. You only need to get started, froots takes care of the rest.

Full alignment with the client

Froots will never sell it’s own investment products, or make deals with specific product providers. This independence enables us offer tailored wealth management at an attractive price. Because of our conviction, we put our money where our mouth is and significantly invest alongside.

Service of a Wealth Manager

Because we automated everything that requires efficiency, we can stay human where it matters most. At froots you are always welcome for personal advice, even before you are our client, in our office in Vienna or online, whatever suits you best.

Automatic tax filing and optimization

Froots uses technology to harvest tax losses and automatically deducts taxes on the sales of securities. This way we protect you against unnecessary taxes and avoid you from ever having to do anything yourself.

Safety of an Austrian Bank

Once you become a client, froots opens an investment account for you at our partner bank Schellhammer Kapital Bank. This account is insured against anything that might happen to froots or the bank. Clients can withdrawal funds at any time and free of cost.

Full Transparency and Flexibility

By logging into your froots portal, you can follow everything that our investment experts do for you in real time. The portal allows you to adjust, pause and withdrawal whenever this suits you and free of cost.

How your wealth would have developed

Despite turbulent times froots has managed to deliver solid returns.


*We have been investing according to our investment approach since September 2019. The returns for 2023 include results up to September.

How it works

1. Together, we define your objectives

In the first step, we would like to get to know you and your current situation better. This includes the creation of a risk profile. You can use our online process or book an information session.

2. We tailor an investment proposal

Based on the information you provide, you will receive an initial insight into what your portfolio could look like. However, you can always adjust the details of savings plans and maturities yourself afterwards.

3. Your account is automatically opened.

An investment account will be opened in your name at our Austrian partner bank, Schelhammer Capital Bank. You can access your money at any time and change pause and withdrawal free of cost.

4. froots takes care of everything

We will actively monitor your investment account, with the single aim to reach the objectives that you invest for. You are always welcome for questions regarding your investments which you can follow real time in your client portal.

Franziska, 55

No worries when it comes to investing

Franziska has been thrifty her whole life and now she wants her money to work for her. Because she doesn't like to sleep with too much uncertainty, her portfolio is more conservative than that of other people in a similar life situation. This way, she no longer needs to worry about her money.

Andreas, 42

Diversified asset management

Andreas travels the world for work and knows how many opportunities are available in different regions. Froots invests his wealth broadly and precisely where the greatest long-term opportunities for his money lie.

Konrad, 39

Long-term asset accumulation

Konrad hat vor kurzem einige Immobilien geerbt. Um insgesamt jedoch besser aufgestellt zu sein, möchte er jetzt einen Teil seines Vermögens auch langfristig am Kapitalmarkt investieren. Bei froots hat er anfangs klein gestartet und kontinuierlich aus Wohnungsverkäufen sein Portfolio aufgestockt.

Herbert, 63

Get your wealth managed

Herbert has worked diligently for 40 years and built up a small fortune. While he lives off his savings, he doesn't want them to lose value due to inflation. That's why he has three different portfolios: a secure one for his needs in the next two years, a medium-term one to cover expected expenses for the next five years, and a long-term one to allow his remaining money to continue growing.

What differentiated froots from the rest?

Private bank
Mixed funds
Classical bank
Active professional management
100% Personalized
Direct access to investment team
Physical office in Vienna
Personal advice & Service
100% Independent Product Selection
Attractively priced
Accessible under 500.000 EUR

One clear and attractive fee

When it comes to money, transparency is crucial. This is why froots charges a single fee of 1% that drops over time and with assets under management.

0-150k EUR
150-500k EUR
500-2M EUR
over 2M EUR
product costs
0-5 years
6-10 years
after 10 years

For comparison: the prices of a representative private bank. Hidden product costs make most private banks twice as expensive.

0-150k EUR
150-500k EUR
500-2M EUR
over 2M EUR
product costs
0-5 years
Not possible
Not possible
6-10 years
Not possible
Not possible
after 10 years
Not possible
Not possible

What our clients have to say about us

Anna C., 37

Art historian

If I had known investing was this easy, I would have started a long time ago. Thank you froots.

Brigitte M., 60

Art dealer

I've researched extensively and looked for an alternative for managing my wealth. Thank you, froots, you are by far the best in the market, in my opinion.

Rudi L., 34

Marketing manager

With you, it's easy to see that you really do it for the people. You're more authentic, more committed and more honest than anyone else.

Dirk W., 69


I had been looking for an alternative to my expensive investment products for quite some time. With froots I know that my money is in good hands.

Jorg B., 55

Managing Director

Great support, great investment approach. I feel in good hands with you guys. Please keep it up!

Stefan F., 40


For half the cost of my previous wealth manager, I have all my goals presented clearly and modernly in my customer portal.

Max B., 35

Management Consultant

ETFs are not new to me, I have been investing like this for several years. But now I leave it to froots, because they have a better overview of the market and I can take care of other things.

Claudia S., 46

Marketing manager

I used to invest on my own before. However, due to my family situation, I often lacked the time for it. That's why I now leave it to the experts at froots.

We have answers to all your questions...

How can I invest my saved wealth profitably?

There are various ways to invest your saved wealth profitably. It's crucial for you to assess your investment horizon. If you'll need your money in the near future, your investment strategy will differ from long-term plans.

At froots, we can assist you in achieving your financial goals or preserving your wealth meaningfully. We accomplish this through our investment strategy that dynamically balances returns and risks.

How do I decide whether to manage my wealth myself or have it managed for me?

If you manage your wealth yourself, you take on the responsibility for selecting and monitoring your investments. You need to independently educate yourself about various asset classes, conduct market analyses, and make decisions. This requires time, expertise, and a certain level of risk tolerance. You have full control over your investments, but you also bear the full risk.

If you opt for management by froots, you benefit from the expertise of our team of investment professionals. We take on the task of professionally managing and continuously monitoring your portfolio. We consider your individual investment goals, risk tolerance, and changing market conditions to craft a tailored investment strategy for you. We handle the selection and purchase of investments and regularly adjust your portfolio to achieve the best possible returns.

How does froots manage my wealth?

At froots, your wealth is managed using cutting-edge technology and the expertise of our team of investment professionals. We create a portfolio based on your individual investment goals and risk tolerance, continuously adjusting it to the changing global economy. We invest in diversified ETF portfolios and monitor them consistently. You can track your portfolio's progress anytime in your froots customer portal and receive regular reports.

How much risk am I taking with froots?

Investments always involve a certain level of risk, and that holds true for froots as well. However, we place significant emphasis on individual risk management and create portfolios that align with your personal risk profile to avoid unnecessary risks.

Where do I see the developments of my wealth?

As a froots customer, you have access to your personal customer portal at all times, where you can track the developments of your wealth. There, you'll find up-to-date information about your portfolio, including performance and the composition of your investments.

Johanna Ronay

Customer Excellence

Marlène Pfandl

Customer Exellence

David Mayer-Heinisch

Founder & CEO