Investment strategy

We create an investment portfolio that is tailored to your life situation and objectives, and continuously adapts to your investment horizon and the ever changing world economy.

The four principles at froots

Value Driven

Value means price in relation to earnings. In the long run this has proven to be the most important predictor for future returns. Therefore, froots always looks for undervalued investment opportunities around the globe.

Rules Based

People have emotions, especially when it comes to investing. To protect ourselves against emotional biases, froots has a clear set of rules. All investment decisions are based on facts and never on emotions.


Predicting what financial markets will do tomorrow is impossible, but in the long-term markets have always gone up. This is because companies adapt to new conditions and create growth through innovation. With our long-term perspective, we participate in this upside.

Goal Oriented

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. A solid portfolio must be tailored to you. We create a portfolio that suits you today and adapts over time as your life and investment horizon change.

Download our investment approach whitepaper for more details

Want more details on how we build portfolios for you? Then download our investment approach here.

Investment Committee

David Mayer-Heinisch

Founder & CEO

Goran Vasiljevic

Investment Committee

Dr. Alexander Schuessler

Investment Committee

This is how we build your investment portfolio

1. Together, we define your objectives

In the first step, we would like to get to know you and your current situation better. This includes the creation of a risk profile. You can use our online process or book an information session.

2. We tailor an investment proposal

Based on the information you provide, you will receive an initial insight into what your portfolio could look like. However, you can always adjust the details of savings plans and maturities yourself afterwards.

3. Your account is automatically opened

An investment account will be opened in your name at our Austrian partner bank, Schelhammer Capital Bank. You can access your money at any time and change pause and withdrawal free of cost.

4. froots takes care of everything

We will actively monitor your investment account, with the single aim to reach the objectives that you invest for. You are always welcome for questions regarding your investments which you can follow real time in your client portal.

The power of an investment horizon

Risk and volatility are not the same thing. In a well-diversified portfolio, volatility only becomes a risk as the investment horizon shortens. Therefore we accept volatility initially and reduce it over time to avoid unnecessary risk. That’s how we keep returns that are made early on safe.

Risk and Return Matching the Time Horizon

In the long run, higher volatility should increase expected returns. At the same time, it increases downside risk. This is why we adjust our strategy as the investment cycle matures. We don’t try to avoid risk, we manage it.

How froots compares to other solutions

A "balanced" portfolio is likely the most common portfolio composition that banks offer to their clients today. It consists of 50% fixed-income securities and 50% stocks. The reason for its popularity is that it aims for a balance between growth and volatility limitation. Our long-term growth strategy exhibits a similarly limited volatility but significantly outperforms a balanced portfolio. This is made possible through our systematic, value-oriented approach combined with active, counter-cyclical measures. You can find all the further details about our investment approach in our whitepaper.

100% Independent

No Conflicts of Interest

froots has no own products or agreements with product providers. This enables us to objectively select the best products for you.

The Largest Investment Universe

Our independence allows us to select from all financial products worldwide. Our only criterion? The best product for you at the most attractive price.

Independent Product Selection

Whether replication method, tracking error or bid-ask spread, our independence allows us to select the right products at the best possible price. Download our white paper for a better understanding on how this process works.

Our froots investment approach in detail

Do you want more details on how we create portfolios for you? Then download our investment approach here.

This is how our portfolios developed

Despite turbulent times, froots has managed to achieve solid returns.


*We have been investing according to our investment approach since September 2019, performance 2024 until end Q2.

Our froots investment approach in detail

Do you want more details on how we create portfolios for you? Then download our investment approach here.