Liquidity & Protection Against Inflation

Smart saving with Liquidity+

Like a savings account, only better: with your Liquidity+ account, you invest in money market funds and benefit from current interest rates of over 4%* - with full flexibility and no lock-in.

*Based on the weighted average yields, regularly published by the money market funds held in liquidity+. There yields are sensitive to deposit rate fluctuations of the ECB, with lower rates leading to lower yields.

Inflation protection for your savings

What is Liquidity+?

Your Liquidity+ account grows with the current interest rate level*. By investing your savings in a portfolio of low-risk, short-term money market instruments like government bonds, you can benefit of elevated interest rates without losing your flexibility.

How does Liquidity+ work?

Once your account is open, we start working for you. We analyze the market and select the best money market funds out there and monitor them allong the way. You can make and adjust savings plans, and withdraw money at any time. Minimal investments are 500 EUR and be 100% flexible.

Who is Liquidity+ suitable for?

Liquidity+ is for anyone who no longer wants to stop losing value due to low bank interest rates. If you are looking for a short-term form of investment, your money is already earmarked for a property or other purchases, you have a conservative approach to investing or simply want to take a step against the loss of purchasing power, Liquidity+ could make sense for you.

Benefits of Liquidity+

Tackle Inflation

Benefit from the current interest rate level on the money markets and take a step against the loss of purchasing power.

Professional Asset Management

Our team of experienced investment professionals actively manages your portfolio so that you can concentrate on what you care about.

Transparent and Low Cost

We charge an all-inclusive fee of 1% p.a. (plus product costs of 0.1%). For investments over EUR 100,000, this fee is reduced to 0.5%.

Full Flexibility

Deposit & withdraw flexibly at any time - Unlike fixed-term deposit accounts, Liquidity+ has no time limit.

What our clients say

Jorg, 47


I'm planning to buy a house soon, but I want to wait until the real estate market cools down. 'Liquidity+' is the perfect product to earn returns on my savings while I wait.

Max, 34

I wanted to invest some savings but was unsure due to the current financial situation. 'Liquidity+' offered me a low-risk option with attractive returns.

Sylvia, 48

While banks are making a lot of money with rising interest rates, I'm only getting 0.5% on my savings account. Fortunately, froots has recognized this issue and developed a solution for it.

Ronald, 51

Thanks to David, I learned that my time horizon is too short to engage in volatility. We then decided to open a 'Liquidity+' account. Thank you, froots, for the wise suggestion!

Jana, 45

It's incredible that I'm still not receiving any interest on my savings account even though interest rates are above 4%. Thank you, froots, for your pragmatism and the cool solution.

Daniel, 29

I don't want to invest my saved money at the wrong time. 'Liquidity+' by froots gives me the opportunity to wait for the right moment without losing purchasing power every day.

What is a money market fund? 

A money market fund invests in highly liquid, near-term instruments. These instruments include cash, cash equivalent securities, and high-credit-rating, debt-based securities with a short-term maturity (such as government bonds). Money market funds are intended to offer investors a yield with full liquidity and with a very low level of volatility (fluctuations). In the current environment, this makes money markets an ideal product for money that one might need for something else soon.

Why would I use money market funds? 

After many years without any interest, central banks have started to raise interest rates aggressively since July of 2021, to fight inflation. One would expect banks to pass on this interest to their clients, but unfortunately, most refuse to do so. Because of high inflation, keeping too much cash in a savings account today is even more wealth destructive than it was before. Therefore, for those that want to protect their wealth against inflation, but don’t want to expose their money to volatile assets, money markets is a good solution. Additionally, it is important to realize that cash accounts in banks are only insured up to 100.000 EUR. In money markets, your funds will always be yours if your bank goes bankrupt, also if the amount is over 100.000 EUR.

Why does froots offer access to money market funds? 

Because banks are refusing to pay fair interest on savings accounts. Our purpose is to help as many people as possible to obtain financial freedom, which we do in every possible way we can. While our focus is on long-term investing, letting the banks keep the interest rates that you deserve is unacceptable. As a solution, we independently select the best money market funds out there for our clients, taking important aspects like costs and liquidity into consideration.

How can I buy a money market fund with froots?

Since money market funds aren’t part of our regular product universe, please reach out to our support team if you would like to open an account. Opening a money markets account won’t require any extra effort, and should only take a 15 minute process, just like our normal onboarding.

What are the costs of a money market fund? 

Because managing the money markets fund requires less effort, we can offer this at a better price. For amounts under 100.000 EUR we charge our usual all-in fee of 1%. Amounts over 100.000 EUR will only pay 0,5% over the full amount.

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