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froots invests for you, so you can focus on other things.

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We help you to become financially independent

Froots Take Care of Everything

Our financial experts actively manage your investments. You only have to let us know your investment objectives and get started, froots takes care of the rest.

Personal Advice and Service

Every good investment decision starts with mutual understanding of your financial situation and objectives. Therefore, you are always welcome for advice.

Investments tailored to your life

We don’t believe in one size fits all. froots constructs investment portfolios that are specifically tailored to you and manages them with the single aim to achieve your investment objectives.

Safety of an Austrian bank

Your investments will be kept safe at our partner bank. In the unlikely case that something would happen to froots or our partnerbank, your investments will always be safe.

Full Flexibility

Opening a froots account is free, and you can adjust, pause, withdrawal or close your account at any moment. Additionally, you will always have access to your money.

Radical Transparency

By logging into your froots portal you can always see everything that froots is doing for you. Additionally, you will frequently get informed on how your investments are developing.

The reasons we established Female Finance by froots

Unfortunately, in our society, it's still necessary to address topics like the gender pay gap and pension pay gap. That's why we're particularly concerned about women and their finances. We've made it our mission to raise awareness about these issues.

We women are classic savers, and our money is losing value

Under the pretext of perceived security, the majority of us still opt for products like building society contracts or traditional savings accounts. However, due to the current interest rates and high inflation, there's no way around the capital market to make meaningful provisions. It's not about avoiding risks but actively managing them.

We women take on societal roles, and our pension entitlement decreases

Many of us take on the care and support of family members, and we are not employed for extended periods. Among employed women, 50% work part-time, significantly reducing their state pension entitlement. Those who haven't prepared wisely until then become dependent on partners or state subsidies.

Us women often rely on others for financial matters, leading to an increase in dependency

Whether it's the hope that the state pension will be sufficient or that the partner has provided financially, the risk of old-age poverty is underestimated by us women. Due to the fragile pension system and the gender pension gap, women are significantly at risk of experiencing substantial pension gaps. That's precisely why it's crucial to start, even if initially with small amounts, as early as possible.

In the long run, exposure to equities always paid off

A single dollar invested in the stock market in 1801 would today be worth millions. This is due to compound interest, the 9th world wonder according to Albert Einstein. What we cannot do is go back in time, but we can get started today.

Melanie, 31

Planning for retirement

Melanie will work for many more years before she retires. Due to her long-term time horizon and the fact that froots actively manages her money, she benefits from opportunities in the capital market and can remain relaxed even during short-term fluctuations.

Stefanie, 41

Financial freedom

Stefanie has sacrificed financially for her family her entire life. Now, she's finally thinking about herself and choosing a savings plan with froots to become financially independent.

Clara, 38

Financing Retirement & Home Purchase

Clara is already investing to provide for her retirement. However, since she also wants to finance a home soon, she chooses a more conservative strategy for her second goal to avoid unnecessary risks.

Brigitte, 60

Preparation for retirement

Brigitte has been investing with froots for her retirement, which is just two years away. Since froots actively manages her portfolio over the term, her risk is continuously reduced. Through the conservative approach, she protects herself from inflation and sleepless nights.

How it works

Define your profile in a few minutes

In the first step, we would like to get to know you and your current situation better. This includes the creation of a risk profile through a short online process.

Receive a tailored investment proposal

Based on your profile, you get a first glance at what your portfolio would look like. Possible details on savings plans and durations can be adjusted at any time afterwards.

We open an account in your name

An investment account will be opened in your name at our Austrian partner bank, Schelhammer Capital Bank. Monthly savings plans can automatically be deducted from your savings account, and paused or adjusted by you at any time.

froots takes care of everything

We will actively monitor your investment account, with the single aim to reach the objectives that you invest for. You are always welcome for questions regarding your portfolio which you can follow in real time through your client portal.

What sets us apart from everyone else…

Online broker
Classical bank
Personal Advice and Service
Tax Simple, Austrian Bank Account
Active Asset Management by Experts
Physical office in Vienna
Attractively Priced
100% Personalized

Anna C., 37

Art historian

If I had known investing was this easy, I would have started a long time ago. Thank you froots.

Claudia S., 46

Marketing manager

I used to invest on my own before. However, due to my family situation, I often lacked the time for it. That's why I now leave it to the experts at froots.

Odilia N., 32


It's great that you guys offer informational interviews. When you're not sure what you want, it's invaluable.

Lilian F., 27

Master's student

Thank you, Johanna, for taking the time for a conversation. That has definitely alleviated my fear of investing!

Regina S., 32

Product manager

I have compared a lot. With froots, the price-performance ratio is simply right.

Elisabeth P., 25


I wasn't aware for a long time that the stock market is the only sensible option for investing. Now, I have a long-term strategy and a very secure, shorter one for my finances. Perfect!

Franziska F., 55

Real estate agent

After the informational meeting, I was finally sure that I want to invest with froots. Thank you for the very enlightening meeting at your office!

What we are often asked...

How flexible is accessing my money?

With us, you can access your invested money flexibly. We don't impose long-term commitments or minimum durations. You can decide at any time whether you want to withdraw funds or make additional deposits.

What are the minimum amounts I can begin with?

You can start with froots with a monthly amount of 150 euros or a one-time payment of 1,500 euros. We aim to keep the minimum amounts as low as possible to make professional money management accessible to all.

How secure is my money?

At froots, we prioritize the safety of your money. We collaborate with a reputable Austrian bank (Schelhammer Capital Bank) and offer a legal deposit guarantee of 100,000 euros per customer. Furthermore, your securities are considered special assets with our partner bank. As a result, your money is 100% yours.

What occurs if, in the (unlikely) scenario, froots has to file for Bankruptcy?

In the unlikely event that froots ceases to exist, your money remains safe. The securities into which we invest on your behalf are held as special assets, always belonging to you, and are kept separate from us by our partner bank. Even in the case of froots or our partner bank facing insolvency, your assets are protected from our access or that of creditors.

Does froots also invest sustainably?

Sustainability is of great importance to us; however, our top priority is generating returns, relative to risk, for our clients. As a result, we ensure that sustainable products do not have a negative impact on returns. If we find no disadvantages in the product selection, we always opt for the more sustainable choice.

Johanna Ronay

Customer Excellence

Marlène Pfandl

Customer Exellence

David Mayer-Heinisch

Founder & CEO