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Experts Behind the Steering Wheel

Once your account is open our team of investment experts takes over. With over 50 years of experience in portfolio management and quantitative investing, our investment committee lets you focus on other things.

Set and Forget

After a 15 minute online onboarding process froots takes care of the rest. Time consuming details like opening a bank account and filing your taxes are all taken care of by froots.

Full Flexibility

You can always adjust your investment horizon, deposits, and withdrawals. Pause or quit your account at any time and free of cost.

Tailored To Your Life

Whatever your situation looks like, or your objectives might be. froots tailors your investments and continuously adjust them according to your life situation and investment horizon.

Service of a Wealth Manager

We stay human where this is beneficial and automated everything that requires efficiency. This way we can offer the service of a Wealth Manager, without the high cost and entry thresholds.

Full transparency

In your customer portal you can follow everything that froots is doing for you. From the development and allocation of your portfolio to all transactions and exact investment products that you own.

How Our Portfolios Have Developed So Far

Despite turbulent times, froots portfolio's have delivered solid returns.


*We invest according to our systematic investment approach since September 2019. Performance 2024 until end Q1.

Max, 35

Pension provision on autopilot mode

Until now, Max took care of his investments himself. In doing so, he invested a lot of time, often missed out on returns, and experienced sleepless nights. Today, he prefers to focus on other things and lets froots invest for him. Because his retirement is still many years away, his portfolio is equipped with promising assets.

Barbara, 43

Your children's education and pension provision

Barbara has various investment goals but little experience so far. It is important to her that her daughter has the opportunity to study abroad in five years, and that she provides for her retirement. With froots, she can keep track of both goals and take less risk in one portfolio and more risk in the other.

Christian, 28

Build your wealth long-term

Christian has realized that his savings in the savings account are losing value every day. With froots, he was able to start investing with small amounts and now he has already built a well-diversified investment portfolio.

Stefan, 40

Finance your upcoming home purchase

Stefan plans to buy a house in the next five years. Due to the medium-term time horizon, his portfolio is focused on growth, but not as intensely as a long-term objective.

How we compare to other solutions…

Online Broker
classical Bank
Active management by experts
Personal advice & service
100% Independent product selection
100% Personalized
Physical office in Vienna
Attractively priced
Austrian bank account (Steuereinfach)

How it works

1. Define your profile in a few minutes

In the first step, we would like to get to know you and your current situation better. This includes the creation of a risk profile through a short online process.

2. Receive a tailored investment proposal

Based on your profile, you get a first glance at what your portfolio would look like. Possible details on savings plans and durations can be adjusted at any time afterwards.

3. We open an account in your name

An investment account will be opened in your name at our Austrian partner bank, Schelhammer Capital Bank. Monthly savings plans can automatically be deducted from your savings account and paused or adjusted by you at any time.

4. froots takes care of everything

We will actively monitor your investment account, with the aim to reach the objectives that you invest for. You are always welcome for questions regarding your investments, but you don’t have to do anything.

One transparent fee

Froots charges a single fee of 1% for starters that decreases over time and with assets under management.

0-150k EUR
150-500k EUR
500-2M EUR
Over 2M EUR
Product costs
0-5 years
6-10 years
After 10 years

What our clients say about us

Lukas L.,33


Active management is usually overpriced, but paying less than 1% for froots service is definitely worth it.

Ferdinand M., 30

Sales Manager

I used to spend several hours per week on the financial market and my investments. Since I started using froots, experts invest for me, and I no longer have to worry about anything.

Lilian F., 27

Master's student

Thank you, Johanna, for taking the time for a conversation. That has definitely alleviated my fear of investing!

Andreas M., 42


After I had no luck with investing, I now trust the experts at froots because David's team has definitely convinced me with their expertise.

Claudia S., 46

Marketing manager

I used to invest on my own before. However, due to my family situation, I often lacked the time for it. That's why I now leave it to the experts at froots.

Konrad L., 39

Real estate

Froots is definitely in a class of its own. I wonder why no other financial institution has replicated it yet.

Peter L., 41


Great that you took the time to give me valuable investment tips. My daughter and I will thank you later!

Luisa F., 33


I am still very happy to have booked an investment consultation with you. I have never been advised so objectively and independently before!

Grow my savings

How flexible am I with froots?

With froots, you are very flexible. You can access your money anytime and withdraw it for free from your account. You can also close your account with us anytime at no cost. If you have a monthly savings plan, you can easily adjust or pause it whenever it suits you. We want you to have full control over your investments and be able to customize them according to your needs.

What types of assets am I investing in with froots?

Based on your goals, your money will primarily be invested in equity ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) initially, and over time, it will be shifted into bond ETFs and other low-risk products. This way, you can benefit from the attractive returns of the financial markets while avoiding unnecessary risks.

You can find a detailed breakdown of the assets and investment strategies in the description of our investment strategy on our website.

Who takes care of the taxes?

At froots, we take care of the tax processing for your investments. We collaborate with an Austrian partner bank that automatically withholds the capital gains tax (KESt) on your securities earnings for Austrian customers. So, you don't need to worry about calculating or paying the taxes yourself.

What will happen to my funds in the (unlikely) scenario of froots filing for bankruptcy?

No worries, in the unlikely event that froots were to cease to exist, your money would remain unaffected. It would still be held in your personal portfolio, in your name, with our partner bank. At froots, we are essentially the strategists who sensibly invest your money, but you remain the owner.

Even if our partner bank were to go bankrupt, your securities portfolio would be designated as a special asset, separate from the bank's balance sheet. Thus, it would always belong 100% exclusively to you.

What amounts can I start investing with?

You can start investing with as little as 150 EUR per month or a one-time payment of 1.500 EUR. You can also adjust the monthly payment anytime and make one-time payments whenever you choose.

Johanna Ronay

Customer Excellence

Marlène Pfandl

Customer Exellence

David Mayer-Heinisch

Founder & CEO