Safety & Costs

Your Money is Safe With Us

With money, safety is everything. At froots, your money is kept safe at our Austrian partner bank Schellhammer Kapital Bank. In the unusual case that something would happen to froots or our partnerbank, your money will always be yours. You are free to withdrawal money or close your account for free and at any time.

The Safety and Flexibility that Your Deserve

No Lock-in

You have the freedom to close your account whenever this suits you. Closing your account is free.

Austrian Bank Account

You will get your own account (IBAN) at our partner bank, Schellhammer Kapital Bank. Only you will always have access to this account.

Flexible Withdrawals & Payments

You can always withdrawal money from your account and payment plans can be adjusted and paused at any time.

Licensed under the FMA

froots holds the big asset management license and is regularly audited by the Financial Market Authority of Austria (FMA).

Your money is Save

Cash positions fall under einlagensicherung, and your investments are sondervermogen. This means that in the unlikely case that something would happen to froots or our banking partner, your assets are safe.

One Simple Fee

froots charges a single fee of 1% over assets under management that decreases over time and with growing assets under management.

Automated tax filing

Austrian customers will never have to take care of their own taxes, because froots is so-called “Steuereinfach”.

Always access your money

You will always have access to your money, whenever you need it. It will safely lay in your investment account in your name.

One simple fee and no surprises

In the long run, investing has always made sense. The longer you stay with us, the lower our fees become.

0-150k EUR
150-500k EUR
500-2M EUR
over 2M EUR
product costs
0-5 years
6-10 years
after 10 years

Calculate your costs

Your managed capital

5.000 EUR

Your monthly fees:

1-5 Years

4,17 EUR

6-10 Years

3,96 EUR

>10 Years

3,75 EUR

The costs depend on the total amount of assets managed by you at froots. Billing occurs quarterly.

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Customer Excellence

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Customer Exellence

David Mayer-Heinisch

Founder & CEO