Wealth Management Without Barriers.

froots lets your wealth grow on autopilot. You just have to start, we'll take care of the rest.

Why froots?

Active management

Our team of experienced investment professionals actively manages your portfolio, so you can focus on the truly important things in life.

Customised portfolios

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Each portfolio is customised to your life and your goals.

Transparent & low costs

froots charges a single all-in fee of up to 1% per year. This fee decreases over time and with your investment amount.

Service of a Wealth Manager

We are happy to advise you and are here for all your questions. We are also available for initial discussions in person.

Full flexibility

You have full flexibility regarding your investment horizon, deposits, and withdrawals. Start and pause your payments anytime, free of charge.

Office in Vienna

Because we understand how crucial trust is when it comes to money, we have an office in the heart of Vienna where you can drop by anytime.

This is how our portfolios developed

Despite turbulent times, froots has managed to achieve solid returns.


*We have been investing according to our investment approach since September 2019, performance 2024 until end Q2.

Anna C., 37


I have always known that saving was a waste of money, thanks to the financial consulting at froots I finally put my savings to work.

Odilia N., 32


It's great that you offer informational discussions. When someone is unsure about what they want, that is invaluable.

Rudi L., 34

Marketing manager

With you, it's easy to see that you really do it for the people. You're more authentic, more committed and more honest than anyone else.

Regina S., 32

Product manager

I have compared a lot. With froots, the price-performance ratio is simply right.

Peter L., 41


Great that you took the time to give me valuable investment tips. My daughter and I will thank you later!

Brigitte M., 60

Art dealer

I've researched extensively and looked for an alternative for managing my wealth. Thank you, froots, you are by far the best in the market, in my opinion.

Lukas L.,33


Active management is usually overpriced, but paying less than 1% for froots service is definitely worth it.

Customised portfolio management

We create an investment portfolio that is tailored to your life and goals. Learn more about how investing with froots works and the investment approach we follow.

The best of all worlds

Froots leverages the benefits of all market segments. With personalized access like a Private Bank, the professional investment approach of a fund manager, and the efficiency of a robo-advisor, you get the best of all worlds in just one product.

Building wealth together

Our goal is to help as many people as possible grow their wealth. Until now, only specific individuals had access to personalized, professional investing. To change that, we founded froots.

We are very pleased to hear from you

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